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Our goal is to create an easy, flexible, and affordable way to get your car detailed. Unlike our competitors, we do not sacrifice quality of service or products to save time or cost. We deliver a positive experience for both you and your vehicle!

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  • Toni S.
    When you need your car detailed, there is only one person to call. Ethan from Auto Detailing Services specializes in both interior and exterior detailing for all makes of vehicles including trucks like mine that have a tough time getting dirty enough on the outside! From scheduling services online or over the phone down every detail during my service--Ethan made sure everything looked pristine again before presenting my truck back to me - I highly recommend it. He is MOBILE too! Get your vehicle detailed while you are at WORK! I will be using Ethan again, for sure.
    Toni S.
  • Melissa S.
    I know not many people would ask to have a 20 year old Honda Civic detailed, but I did. Ethan came to my house and worked diligently to bring my girl back to showroom quality. I can't stop admiring how shiny she is now! Ethan puts out a quality service, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic looking car. Once we hit the spring months again, we have two more cars ready to go for him. Trust me...you won't be disappointed!
    Melissa S.
  • G. Jones
    Ethan was very professional and organized. The service was above expectations when put on a slightly constricted time line. He cleaned all the nooks and crannies and even things I forgot about like the carpet on the back of the back seats. Excellent service.
    G. Jones
  • Fernando H.
    If you’re looking to get your car detailed, Ethan is your guy ! Super professional, time efficient, great customer service and my car turned out absolutely perfect. High-quality car detailing in Berks county!
    Fernando H.
  • Nick G.
    Got an interior detail done by Ethan and he did a fantastic job! Was able to work around my schedule and made my car look brand new!
    Nick G.
  • Joan F.
    Wow, just WOW. I use my hatchback car as a truck to haul building supplies and take it to the beach almost every weekend. It has not had a thorough cleaning for years. It looked like a new car when Ethan was finished! GREAT JOB!
    Joan F.
  • Roberto D.
    I was very well pleased by the service provided by Ethan Lasher's Auto Detailing. He did an amazing job Detailing my acura mdx S U V inside and out, and also putting on the ceramic coating to protect the paint. I definitely will be coming back for all my vehicle needs, and will be recommending Ethan Lasher's Auto Detailing to everyone. Thanks again Ethan.
    Roberto D.
  • Suzy L.
    I was really happy with my service from Ethan. I had scuffed up my right front bumper when I accidentally hit my garage wall. There was a huge paint scuff and Ethan got it out as if nothing happened. My whole car inside and out was like brand new. It was very convenient that he came to my office as well, I highly recommend Ethan‘s Auto Detailing
    Suzy L.
  • Ashley L.
    I received the Stage 1 Ceramic Coating, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the service! It’s like a brand new car! Thank you so much! I would highly recommend getting this package done for your car if you want it protected! And it comes with a lifetime warranty and gets put on CARFAX! How cool is that?
    Ashley L.

Serving Berks, Montgomery, Chester, Lancaster, Lehigh, Schuylkill, and Lebanon counties!